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Real Name: Dale Francis
Date of Birth: 1975
Place of Birth: Rexdale,Toronto,Canada.

Brothers: Cain,Squiggs (R.I.P)

Music Groups: Ghetto Concept
Music Label: Lockdown Entertainment

Discography: EP 360 Degrees (1998).
Rap essentials: The Rebirth
Filmography: In too Deep, Drop the Beat, Amazon.

- MuchMusic's Best Hip Hop Video 1997
- Canadian Urban Music Awards Best Hip Hop Video 1997
- C.U.M.A Best Director 1997
- Mic Check Magazines Best Rap Video 1997

- 1997 Juno Award for Best Rap Recording
- C.U.M.A Best Music Video
- Muchmusic Best Video 1999
- Best Rap Video 1999
- Best Independant Video 1999

Infinite definitely knows the art of storytelling. Once quoted by Kwame, on-air personality of the new KISS 92 FM as being, "the underground ghetto brother that just pushes it on a commercial level", his knowledge comes from the heart, which is his reality.

Infinite a.k.a. Desmond Francis, grew up in Rexdale, a low income area in Toronto by a single mother and two older brothers, one of whom was murdered in 1995. Shortly after this tragic event, he left his 1995/ 1996 Juno Award winning group Ghetto Concept. Starting at a young age, Infinite was continually exposed to the negative street environment. But now he strives to educate the new breed of youth by turning negative into positive. Artistic ability and new flavour are the rules that Infinite and brother Cain, C.E.O. of his label Lockdown Entertainment Inc. abide by to create rap music on a new level. They are constantly striving to lead the independent record market to major record label status, i.e. video "Gotta Get Mine" which raised the standards of urban video quality and recognition by commercial radio stations.

To start off his budding solo career, Beatfactory Music wisely choose to use his track "Gotta Get Mine" as the first single from their compilation, (Beatfactory/EMI) RapEssentials: Volume 2, which catapulted Infinite into the North American spotlight. "Gotta Get Mine" rang in at an incredible number 17 on Energy 108 top 108 of 1997.

All of the songs from his EP "360 Degreesº" (released March 1998) contain clean and clear themes that are globally understandable. This EP has sold more than 6,000 copies in less than 12 months without the help of a major distribution company, and it is still selling. As of September 1, 1999 the EP "360 Degreesº" is available for purchase on the Internet at www.amazon.com. Although "360º" was chosen as the lead off single from the EP, Lockdown Entertainment Inc. produced a video for every original track on the album. All five videos received substantial rotation on MuchMusic. With the album "360 Degreesº" Infinite has developed a Canadian wide fan base which have greatly supported the videos and EP.

The single, "Take A Look" accomplished the feat of being the first single off the BMG distributed album RapEssentials: The Rebirth, helping the compilation sell more than 5, 000 copies in its first week. The four minute fully animated video for "Take A Look" was well embraced by the MuchMusic staff. The video was immediately placed in heavy rotation, which once again set new standards for urban music. "Take A Look" was charted on MuchMusic's Rap City Top 5 for 6 weeks during June and July 1999, holding down the number one position for three consecutive weeks.

Infinite has most certainly been a consistent and outstanding artist in the Canadian music scene. In 1997, Infinite had been selected as the spokesperson for "Chill Out", a clothing drive for the homeless, in which the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors are sponsors. He also made a host appearance on MuchMusic's Rap City. Infinite toured with LL Cool J during the summer of 1998 which was sponsored by Fubu. He also performed at the Convent House Fundraiser Concert, along side Mya and Michie Mee.

In February 1999, Infinite performed at MuchMusic's Da Mix, Black History Month discussion panel, which also featured Bob Marley's band, The Wailers. A month later Infinite was chosen by CapCom Japan (guru of video game makers), to record voice-overs and soundtrack for the Street Fighter, "3rd Strike" arcade game. The game was released in Japanese arcades May 1999 (it was released in Canada August 1999). Infinite's performance at the 1999 NXNE showcase helped to highlight Canada's urban independent music scene. On June 11, 1999, Infinite was one of the featured acts in the Toronto Sun's (circulation 1 million) coverage of NXNE. On June 30, 1999 Infinite performed on the new KISS 92 FM CN Towers launch "Da Vibe in da Sky" live to air event.

Twice within the week of August 8, 1999, Infinite graced the cover of the Life-Entertainment section of the Toronto Star (circulation 1.6 million) in a fully explored four page article. It is available to view on their web site at www.torontostar.com in the back issue section. Check out the September edition of Rap Pages (a L.A. based urban magazine which has international distribution) where you will find a great article in the About 2 Blow section (page 168), depicting more of Infinite's upcoming endeavors. One new item to look out for is the release of the new track and video "Sick" which will be the first single from the upcoming album "Critical Path".

Infinite has also been expanding his career to include acting. He made an appearance in LL Cool J's film "In Too Deep"(starring Omar Epps, released in Canada on September 24, 1999). Infinite also landed a role in the new CBC hip-hop lifestyle show "Drop Da Beat". make an appearance in the internationally distributed Peter Benchley's TV series, "Amazon".

Infinite's solo artistic endeavors have been rewarded with numerous awards and nominations including; MuchMusic's Best Hip Hop Video 1997,Canadian Urban Music Awards Best Hip Hop Video 1997 and Best Director 1997, Mic Check Magazines Best Rap Video 1997 and a nomination for a 1997 Juno award for Best Rap Recording. In 1999, Infinite performed "Take a Look" at the Canadian Urban Music Awards as well as being nominated for the C.U.M.A Best Music Video. At this years' MuchMusic Awards, Infinite performed a medley which included the track "Take A Look". The "Take A Look" video was nominated for MuchMusic's Best Music Video 1999 and won Best RapVideo 1999 and also won Best Independent Video 1999.

" I love all of that. There's no limit to infinite. Infinite is versatile, he can DJ, rap, perform. Whatever mood I'm in at the time, I can just switch into that vibe."

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