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Currently I have lyrics from 5 tracks off Infinite's
album 360. Found the lyrics for "Addicted" and "Sick" as well.

Artist: Infinite
Album: 360 Degrees EP
Song: 360 Degrees


yo, I'll tell you 'bout a drama
of this wild girl, for real
she was wilder than most of them street cats, for real
the black Pamela Anderson, Barb Wire or similar
crisp, like a gold plated dessert eagle she dealt with ya
sky's the limit, a lady thug underneath
watch all the huslters givin' nuff respect to Shanice
had mad connects, but half of them would have to risk life
to make a million was the biggest goal on her rife
she just engraved it, small, right on the outside of the barrell
couldn't really notice it unless you looked close like choaclate goes
right by the light post
she juggled on the corner with a blown barb
bleed you through nights, a couple slugs
dark blocks always run hot, heat up your spot
anything done, comes with consequence, sometimes suspend shot
forever guide you as long you stay strong
the real girl relate to these words, the last don

'round and 'round it goes, but I still strive
I'm human, I'm human
the dollar sign is what controlled her life
but never mistaken

yo, you wanna hear about Shanice
she livin' in this cold world
walks with a shotty, response for nobody
streetwise, on a street level they try to take yours
try to run your mouth with these ops between your jaws
she knows how to draw cocked hammers and four fours
must've ride in under her lingere in the top drawer
sometimes she feels she gotta rock a vest
for the types of work she's invovled wit'
rob all your goods, make you strip
one night, a bachelor got locked off in the west
ah yeah, they done it too fast, the house under heard a gun blast
a wild wannabe be one, right through the ceiling
now everybody gotta leave, house is fogged up from trees
Shanice is on her way out, she bucked a girl she had drama wit'
back then once, but never seen since
she's in the eyes of others, but too vexed to hear her told
me be in this last verse, and watch this drama unfold


she was a girl who didn't hesitate to deal with your case
the other girl, her man was drapin' it, and all in her face
didn't love the drama, but dealt wit it when came to it
like the flame fluid in a lighter, same to it
half drunk, her man grabbed Shanice by the arm
she made a quick dip, down in her kicks she kept her ops
tight right beside her ankle braclet
she pulled it out and beat a pair grains
whoever stood around, she put you involved
the girl, she picked up one inside her abdomin
her man picked up one inside the arm for trying to hold on
same time she fled the scenery, on the way out
she dropped her little ankle braclet, but she figured it out
only until she got home, she seen it gone, knew the risk
turn on the TV, city news lookin' for clues
but months later, the time dragged on and caught up
it's comin' back around like three sixty, but born shifty
twice hard, you either get turned or get time
some stellos get to turn you quick and instant, no fines
somebody knocked the door a couple light times out in the cold
she didn't see nobody standin' outside through the peephole
that's where she made a wrong move and opened up the door
kid jumped up, from behind the wall, holdin' a big four
bare face, didn't have a mask
that's why she recognized him from the past, kid started to blast
blew one for the incident
two in her neck back
three for his cousin that she killed a couple months back
she titled then collapsed and find her sleepin' in the doorway
floodin' the hallway, what goes around will come to the long way

Take a Look
Artist: Infinite
Album: 360 Degrees EP
Song: Take a Look

First Verse

Dem outlaws was born to break laws and felonies
Deh got an empty gates in da town, deh run it steadily
To all my money makers cross town dissemble funds and put the pieces back together
Tryin' to drunk one another
Case thrown out, storm da courtroom, uniforms and three piece suits
From bail putting up houses and loot, he walkin'
I heard him talking to his partner Hawkins about his way of livin'
Faces of death
He's runnin' with this older kid from around Mount Olive and Silverstone
Deh stack mad gats in da ceilin' at his baby mom's home
These narc's are watchin' us
Undercovers on the rooftop
Prepared and bullet proofed up
Jurassic blowin' cruisers up fatal
They got us trapped under this negative force
Some try to find a way out but no doubt some make it out
Some learnin' from their own mistakes
So take this negative and turn it into positive
Whether you what to listen is your prerogative.


Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see
Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see
Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see
Take a look through my eyes and you'll see what I see

Second Verse

Kick off da top lock and run in dat
Get to the point
Don't let him get the upper hand he's gamblin' with pare man
Told this kid thought he was quick, he drew but shot last
Blood on my mask
This other youth was tryin' to run for da door
And picked up one in his back and collapsed
Matter of fact my main concern was for somebody grab dis
I used my sleeve to wipe the money off the table flood it all in one bag
Deh takin' rings to bracelets and found coke inside da bin
Bit now deh takin too long, deh inside and laverishin'
Come on it's time we make a move so let's bounce from this apartment
Fly down the staircase
But now deh tarin' down the place wisely
Don't want a bate up situation therefore
So when we get to the west we sharin' out mines what's yours is yours
Beast boys come out at late night so don't speed
Ah yo a cruiser cuts us off to try ta make his way to the crime scene.


Third Verse

Now in closin' you done know he should never brag for real
Come on you know that
Remember who can hear they must feel
But word out on the streets is that you robbin' mad peep's
And now it's getting bad to worse because it's getting too far
From front page to stolen cars narcs deh know who you are
We gotta meet him then tie him up and drive him real far
Then we separate his body chop it up for the cause
Dem outlaws, breakin' in and out of gun store
Only you can understand spottin' shells on the floor
Ay yo it's far from a threat, faces of death, there's nothin' left...
It's far from a threat faces of death there's nothin' left.

Chorus x 2


Wise Guys
Artist: Infinite
Album: 360 Degrees EP
Song: Wise Guys

Verse 1

It's like kliq klaq we barrie dat bark 'em wit da chrome
I got your house surrounded gasoline floodin' ya home
Line up a target, some men deh walk and deh chat
But if a guy get outta hand I'll tare a match and try to light dat
Look, my spirit ain't tryin' to see no badness
But if the devil interferes I'm going out like Mr. Gladus
It's on the weather if my my mood is gloomy or shinin'
But if the sun ain't shinin' den you check me bad timin'
My mind is free from all the dust, gotta bust
While I'm wisdom knowledge, I guess you through me off misunderstanding
My mom's is having nightmare of me dying
Which devil is tryin' ta slit my throat I don't know
But meantimin' out in da world, a man might swear I'm on some insane shhhh,
Put 'em in his own trunk and roll his ass off a f#@!n' cliff
Try to understand my mind body and soul
Everything is still cool, but try to snatch you get ya head blown


Streetlife and the laws, Wise Guys are never wrong
Ain't nuttin' sweet,
Cross pendants to dirty kronze
Prepare for the worst, but if your grain don't miss
Dirty gauge supports my hip, wrap tools in hankerchiefs
Infinite, Wise Guys are never wrong
Ain't nuttin' sweet, lye down flat just for da cause
Prepare for the worst, but if your grain don't miss
Dirty gauge supports my hip, wrap tools in hankerchiefs

Verse 2

I'm standin' out ya gates wit all ya f'in' windows open
Look straight inside my eyes and see if dis kid here is jokin'
Nothin' but darkness lookin' in now all your fear's are open
I never eat meat that's one thing I'm not promotin'
Forget what he say
Get off da freeway, my rhyme ain't never going dat way
So here what I say, your gettin' caught up in a knot
Watch what ya talkin', I'm puttin' kikos on da spot
Great minds think alike but you mind is different from my mind
It's set like thirty three of bones going down ya spine
So what, a scawer pad to scrub da rust go call ya boss
I got somethin' to burn and turn dis 'ish into a holocost


Verse 3

Line up a food, these fools is out to get served right up da block
Already cocked and switched it off lock grab papers and rocks
He kept the mudge in his socks
I glanced a glare of Roosters siren
It wasn't us the Rex is heat up, like movin' amos in the mouth of madness
Right through da top where skulls crack
We smarter den dat, he's sprawled out on the flat of his back
Deh scared just by day way deh rap and I ain't gotta prove dat
Just by da way dat deh act with Infinite so wheel it back.


One Day
Artist: Infinite
Album: 360 Degrees EP
Song: One Day (Radio Mix)

(now one day)

Yo, who stepped off rage
Broke cracked bottle tops, spilled this forever
Whites, no trace, leather jacket zipped up to his face
He dipped behind the wall, Shalenka couldn't aim to touch it
These cats have started something that they couldn't finish
Now they flee the country
Yo, shot guy, God please forgive this life we're living
Takin' mans for diems, aiyo, hands on your head where I can see 'em
The chron's shone, spit out the combine
I'm tryin' to make my exit real quick
We leave no form of evidence

Bakin' slugs out the dark
Wild shoot-outs through the park
These jail houses overcrowdin'
All my thugs remain calm
Money turnin', trees is burnin'
But one day, it'll be gone
(now one day)
I'm your suspect

Yo, heavy chrons with small engravments
Digits wit' small letters that name it
Man created, but always to blame it
I'm far rusted, pushin' your glusted, you busted and pussy
Open your face and get chopped, just like a cussy
You're pyro, I got one eye lookin' straight down the barrell
Don't mistake me for shhhh, I'll eat your food and real quick
Burn up the gear I dressed in
Meanwhile the motive got them itchin' questions and guesses
What would you ask God if you had one question?
Aiyo, deal wit' your family in your life
Don't try to flop mine, they puttin' over dates and trials
Little snitches turn into coffins and push six
A man could be my worst enemy, I'll take this
>From pyramids, beer caps to dollar bills with faces
Got me chasin' bloody papers
Scatterd 'cross the floor like forty acres
So tired that, better yet, picture this from beer caps
To dollar bills, black clips, lyrical high tips


Yo, half a dutch inside a candle seed
Liquor bottles in cemetarys
'Nuff built up inside my body, but the Lord is my salvation
Still have to make a move, cause just put off
Broken fingers on metal tables, hands off, I'll pull off
Black caddies and starlen windows that's bulletproof
All you could see is fog off the door
And richotched to the floor
thirty-four fours, align your back, all straight to your jaw's jaws
All pause, lookin' through the barrell, it's all yours


Gotta Get Mine
Artist: Infinite
Album: 360 Degrees/Beat Factory Rap Essentials Vol. 2
Song: Gotta Get Mine

You heard them kids that's cold as ever
So stash this in humble rivers
Not forgettin' the name
Infinite with gold frame
Night for us thought they gotta lock this mic in a chain
Everybody wants to rule the world and saddle my name
Yo, we whiping off slugs
Before they blow like 380 grains that fit inside milis
You know the dili
Born God I'm on a different flex at night
Yo everything's crisp
Like pourin' guiness down the end of a chaulis pipe
I've got you hooked like a cussie looking for cookie
Chop chop tied 'em with blood in a cup
I made you think twice to this so kick back and drink your whites
Most talks are negative and some are dead while they live

Strivin' to find a way
I gotta get mine
We find oirselves today
Is freedom time
Strivin' to find a way in tryin' times in this life
I gotta get mine

Yo, doin' shine moves like that old lady sky with a basin
Carry from crime scenes not to exact they destinations
Like crosstwon
Task force invading your grounds
Everybody slowly in the hallway
Survalence in the lobby
Father I can't make this hobby unknown
I turn the H sideways like it's shown
2-0 sewn
A diamond cuts and A diamond cuts stone
Dirty holsters hold dirty chromes
Here today, tommarrow you're gone
It's on these hidden cameras
Glare these forty calibers
They Shone
Bout to feel the future, it's on
From dusk to dawn these horney hockers sellin' half of they fluck
This life is parallel to hell but in these days it's a must


Now every man's bush inside the night club
Yo let's see who can get the biggest chain
Or the best at playin' these games
Gotta be the phattest
The man, I'm jammin' 'em back
Around the corner where the light dims
smoke sess and cigars and blow smoke
Pull off the last of it, it dropped on the floor
I stepped on it and put a twist in it
You cats better be listenin'
It's all about in the wrong place at the wrong time
But you can ask Divine her inthesions
Buildin' lessons
On the top golden opportunities
Some man is out for cut-throat
And I ain't watchin' no face
And that's a fact don't prove that
Just dealin' with beers
Most talks are negative and some are dead while live

[Chorus out]
Artist: Infinite
Album: Drop the Beat Compilation
Song: Addicted

Yo, fo' real
Y'all living in a dream world
It's a reality world right here, fo' real
Yo I'm stuck in this organized crime life
Shook slingers get robbed blind
Soldier ain't afraid to do time
We run the range like a militant co-thug
Meanwhile on the streets, what I kill is just throw slugs
Supplying the corner, so them dealers can sell drugs
Now you see my block get hot
Rob or shoot and get shot
Police wanna know our names yo, that's why we stay low
I'm caught up between my music and street life
My blood is like my heart dear God
And my gat is my wife
This world is spinning into sicker times, thawing like ice
Hated female probation officers, they boook us for spite
I'm living fouler, ever since Squig lost his life
Hard cold stone, don't give fuck you get blown
Never talk my shit on phone ever since I came home
You puff your glass jaw, I puff my marley sit on the rail
You tell your untruth, I tell reality from Rexdale

CHORUS 1 [Infinite]
Material world (got me addicted)
Drug money corners (get me addicted)
Them sawed down barrels (got me addicted)
Guarding my heart (but still I'm addicted)

Yo I got hit, ever since worse
No I never did snatch purse, example
My palm grips the pearl handle
Too many flaws in the way, that makes us disturbed
Like pulling out, broad daylight like I got some nerve
The only thing now, this music got my face baited(?)
This leaves me more risk 'round snitches and hipocrites
Place under warrents, they want me on the cell block
Trying to give me 14 years and keep me on lock
Surround my house, front and back in the night light Wishing to book me
Two in the morning but they can't find me, trying to look me
Ain't nothing much to say, after the street already hook me
I guess I'm addicted like my mind has took me (took me)
We be dealing with this physical, some lie regardless
Sometimes the bigger the grains who hit hardest
I never boast about it, be smart like the smartest
I wipe it off, I loaded it with leather gloves regardless

CHORUS 2 [Infinite]
My Rexdale blocks (got me addicted)
All them work nights (got me addicted)
Undeath fast money (got me addicted)
Guarding my heart (but still I'm addicted)

I'm from the Rex-village, dollar signs who's quick to stick it
Run up in your house to be specific
Ain't nothing perfect or terrific, so lay down quick
Special delivery of open burn wound inflicted
I guess they like the way we dip it
Gangster walks, the way we talk
And the way we lie they down on they sidewalk
Face down on the rich block, mask up right to my eyelids
Stick and move quick, on the run like a fugitive
Stay communicated from back roads to pay phones
I never talk too long, I switch clothes
No time for normal wasting, wash vinegar inside your basement *echoed*

CHORUS 1 & 2

Naw what I mean fo' real
Rexdale, naw what I mean
Where ever you from
Got you addicted
All my peeps locked down
Hold it down, naw what I mean
Keep the faith fo' real
All my peoples on the block, hustling
Peoples working, doing what ever you got to do
Doing what you got to do to survive
Keep doing you thing
L-D-C Infinite
Fo' real

Verse 1

We pull mad triggers
War what we used to, some done buried before
What we used to, dropping bodies under the floor
Not what it looked like
It's what it really be
And they could tell you in your next life
You're still parrow
For whatever dinero
Blackout dirty barrels get stuck for your dinero
But who's ta blame
Me or this dirty game
My blood forever cold
Just like my last name
The world is like this
My blood froze up my vein
Stick you for your drug money
Chip ice off your chain
Your life just blacked like dirty burns to your left jaw


We sick yeah yo my crew run wild
Yeah yo we sick, we on some other shit
Yeah yo we sick, long pipe between your lips
We sick, some burn you for your necklace
We sick, my crew run wild
We sick, from cradles to caskets
We sick, long pipe between your lips
Yo we sick, yo we on some other shit

Verse 2

Ah yo we sick
We wild like 2 nines and 4 clips
My crew make ghosts
Ride close with the toaster
Wanted face on posters
Guess they tell you we armed like we supposed ta
Gats in holsta, drink white rum all day
Straight 'till dinner
Show up at your party
Turn your dance into a thriller
I guess it only takes much to know about my family
We all about Bibles and kronze
Money and robberies
The speaker chosen
The amount of heat we holdin;
The amount of grams loadin'
The amount of man we foldin' no lie
Sometimes I feel nothing to live for
I seen my days in a shoot out with 5.O
Ah yo we sick


Verse 3

We were brought up by the older gangstas
Off the block who ran the turf
I'm from the murder capitol of my town
You better research
You know it got worse so sail on
Years apon the time it wasn't this bad but the earth crumbled too fast
Dirty money runnin' da block
At twin towers airport searching bottles of rum for baby powder
Can't catch us on bare face moves intoxic
Catch us on your news mask up like smarter convicts
Represents the hustlers on streets or in cells
The truth always flashes in light
When time tells I'm your LDC time
Reality will tell it
On the opposite of the gun smoke and I could smell it
We sick

Chorus x 2

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