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Infinite Timeline

1995- Member of the Juno award winning group Ghetto Concept.

1995-1996- Lockdown Entertainment formed with his manager and brother Cain.

1997- Officially leaves the group "Ghetto Concept"

1997- To start off his budding solo career, Beatfactory Music wisely choose to use his track "Gotta Get Mine" as the first single from their compilation, (Beatfactory/EMI) RapEssentials: Volume 2, which catapulted Infinite into the North American spotlight.

1997- Selected as spokeperson for "Chill Out" a clothing drive for the homeless in which the Toronto Blue Jays and Raptors are sponsors.

March 1998- 360 Degrees his first cd is released.
Its a major hit, selling over 6000 copies without the help of any major distributing company in its first 12 months.

Summer 1998- Tours with LL Cool J
Also performs at the Convent House Fundraiser Concert, along side Mya and Michie Mee.

Febuary 1999- Performed at MuchMusic's Da Mix, Black History Month discussion panel alongside Bob Marleys Band the Wailers.

March 1999- Records voice overs for CapCom Japan soundtrack Street Fighter "3rd Strike" arcade game.

June-July 1999- Single "Take a Look" is chartered on MuchMusics Rapcity for 6 weeks straight holding down the #1 postion for 3 straight weeks.

June 1999- Performance in NXNE helps showcase Canadian Urban Hip-Hop.

June 11 1999- One of the featured acts in the Toronto Sun's (circulation 1 million) coverage of NXNE.

June 30, 1999- performed on the new KISS 92 FM CN Towers launch "Da Vibe in da Sky" live to air event.

August 8 1999- Graces the cover of the Life-Entertainment section of the Toronto Star (circulation 1.6 million) in a fully explored four page article

More Infinite

Infinite on why he left Ghetto Concept:

" I started experiencing different things that they weren't experiencing. It's just like everybody's mind was in a different frame. Being in a group you only have thirty seconds to express yourself but as a solo artist you can express yourself exactly how you want, you have the whole song to talk what's on your mind."

Infinite describing the experience of winning a Juno

"Winning a Juno in 1995 was something new to me, and it's something that I'll never forget 'cause I was on stage in front of thousands, you know what I mean? They showed us accepting the award but that happened earlier in the night before the main ceremony was actually broadcast. I think they should start recognizing Black music more and including the Black categories during the live broadcast times so people can see what's going on."

Infinite on how he got into the music business

" When I was younger my mom and my brothers used to play a lot of hip hop around the house so I had no choice but to listen to it... Ron Nelson on Fantastic Voyage (CKLN 88.1) remember? With the hanger in the box to get better reception. I got into the industry back in January 1995 when I joined Ghetto concept as a DJ. One time we had a show to do in Orlando and when we were in the studio recording, something went wrong with the instrumental - the sequence was too long - so when we practised I had to insert some rhymes to fill in the extra time. It was kinda like an accident, so people at the Orlando show were the first to hear me on the mic. We decided to keep the verse on the final recording which was then called "Dem My Niggas". That track became "EZ on tha Motion."

Infinite on the Future of Hip-Hop Culture

"Hip Hop is beginning to embrace more people, different cultures. It's starting to blow up around the world right now and Toronto hip hop is also reaching that international level. We have a lot of good artists over here and people are starting to recognize. The whole hip hop thing boils down to a positive and a negative, but a lot times, people don't hear the positive messages from KRS-One and Jeru.
Instead, you have the negative exploiting sex and talkin' about destroying each other and they sell millions. The thing is, everyone has to have their own mind in hip hop, speak their own mind and stop the cloning business. "

Infinite on his Lockdown Entertainment and his EP 360

The reason its like that is because Lockdown Entertainment aims for the best. Don't forget this is just the first solo EP and single, so things are just gonna get better. We also set a standard with the video for 360.

Lockdown Entertainment consists of my older brother Cane, also his partners Wayne, Judy and a lot of other people who on the board. We just surround ourselves with positive people that can make power moves. That is the key to our success.